Innate Biotherapetuics, LLC has acquired all the intellectual property and intangible assets of ImmuneXcite, Inc. (excluding any debts)

  • ImmuneXcite’s product platform is based on a unique fungal carbohydrate that stimulates the innate immune system—the immune system’s first response against fungal infections. These carbohydrates are covalently linked to tumor-targeting monoclonal antibodies, which attract pre-existing antibodies, activate the complement system, and ultimately recruit immune cells, such as neutrophils, to kill the tumor cells. This innate immune response subsequently primes the natural adaptive immune response to eliminate tumor growth and metastasis.
  • ImmuneXcite has a few lead programs that went through extensive pre-clinical testing including pilot toxicity in non-human primates.
  • Overall an investment of approximately $20M went into ImmuneXcite.
  • Strong IP portfolio.
  • Several compelling market opportunities in the cancer immunotherapy space as monotherapy or in combination with IOs.
  • Innate Biotherapeutics, LLC is currently entertaining business arrangements that would lead to the commercialization of the mAbXcite technology.

For more information, please email info@innatebio.com